Ryan Adams - Like A Virgin
"I know I married Sean Penn but don't count that against me, I've got a real nice ass," sings Adams, changing the lyrics to La Ciccone's best-loved hit with tongue firmly in cheek.
Regina Spektor - Love Profusion
The fourth single from 2003's American Life album was one of Madonna's worst-performing releases, but Spektor breathes fresh life into it, adding pizzicato strings and a playful vocal.
Sonic Youth - Into The Groove
Thurston Moore and co re-cast the original as a Jesus & Mary Chain-style blast of dissonance, dripping with distortion and sarcasm, though Madonna's vocals remain as a ghostly presence in the background.
Malcolm Middleton - Stay
Best known for his jet-black Christmas single We're All Going To Die, Middleton turns this 1984 Madonna hit into a miserablist's anthem, bringing out the hitherto-obscured desperation in lyrics such as, "If you go I'd rather think of dying instead."
Jack Johnson - Holiday
An unexpected triumph from the Hawaiian-born troubadour, who employs the rapping/harmonica talents of Garrett Dutton, aka G Love, to craft the perfect, strum-a-long summer soundtrack.
Giant Drag - Oh Father
One of Madonna's most sophisticated songs, Oh Father here takes on an unsettling edge thanks to the narcotic vocals of Giant Drag's Annie Hardy, plus a wooshy, Radiohead-style wig-out at the end.
Public Enemy - Bum Rush My Love
Not really a cover, of course, but rather a brilliantly unhinged mash-up of Public Enemy's Yo! Bum Rush The Show and Madonna's Justify My Love.